E T S Specialized Diagnosis Will Save Time and Money, and Will Ensure the Proper Car Repair Every Time.

Engine Replacement

Save on taxes, license fees, and insurance costs with engine replacements that can be done at a set interval or at the time of engine failure. Replacement engines should last as long as the original engine and can extend vehicular serviceability.

Transmission Replacement

Replace worn-out transmission systems to extend the life of your vehicle. Get a higher price for your car when the time comes for you to trade it in with a transmission that’s still in good shape.

Auto Repair

Routine automobile repairs ensure safer driving and increase the vehicle’s operating performance. This dramatically reduces instances of roadside emergencies. Timely repairs also allow you to save on costly parts replacements.

Engine Maintenance

When car engines are properly maintained, the need for repairs is drastically reduced. Long-lasting performance is also ensured, and having to contend with the risk of old car parts failing is minimized.

Transmission Maintenance

Having transmission systems serviced regularly prolongs the life of your car. It also improves fuel economy and reduces the possibility of spending on expensive auto repairs in the future.

Find Solutions

Refer all vehicle engine, transmission, and mechanical issues to our mechanics. Receive servicing recommendations and effective solutions addressing any of the above.

“E T S went above  and beyond to make sure all our issues were addressed in a timely and budget friendly way! I trust Richard + the team with all my cars… and so should you!”

- Kadance, San Antonio